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" Always follow your dreams "

My name is Kathy, I started shooting photographs when I was 12 years old. My parents took us on Summer excursions to Smoky Mountians where we explored with a camera in tow. As my father loved photography also and has taken many beautiful photo's he is a great inspiration! They never took our young minds for granted and encouraged us along the way. I fell in love with people, they were my favorite subject. The emotions that I captured made me realize that I loved happy people, and happy experiences. I decided I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I wanted to capture people in love. Many many  weddings later, I'm in love with what I do for a living. 

To experience and watch two people fall in love is breathtaking. I love to travel,  I love to sit on a patio in the summer and watch people.   Life is simple and family is important to me. I love to give, I love lots of hugs. I have learned you need very little to be happy.  I'm never comfortable, and I love people that inspire me. . I have a Husband of 34 years and a daughter(Kristen) that is also a photographer as my sister(Pam) and brother(Mitch) are photographers also. So I guess it was meant to be.

"From my eyes to yours" Let me help tell the Story of One of your Most loved Events of your Lives....




It was such a pleasure having you photograph our wedding, last night.


You were not only a true professional, but made our most joyous occasion memorable and incredibly fun!! I actually forgot how cold I was.


Steve is uncomfortable having his photo taken, and usually stiffens up. You made him feel comfortable and forget there was a that’s a talent!!! 


We can’t wait to see the photos and relive our beautiful wedding. There will be hair in my face, My veil blowing everywhere, but I wouldn’t change a thing!!! The night was perfect!! My groom was perfect, and you were awesomeness!!! 


From the bottom of our hearts,

We both thank you 🙏🏻 


Marilyn and Steve Wyatt ❤️

Marilyn and Steve Wyatt

"Kathy was such a pleasure to work with, I was under a tight timeline of eloping in February and hadn't really had months to think about my vision for how I wanted my wedding photos to turn out.  She had me talk to her about the types of photos I wanted and from there she ran with it - she had a plan and maximized her time with me, the groom and our families.  She helped settle my sweet moms nerves before our photos, and was just extremely genuine the whole time.  And then to top everything off, we didn't have to wait the normal photographer 3 weeks or longer to see the photos - and they were stunning! I couldn't imagine having anyone but Kathy do my wedding, and hopefully we can use her for some more photos down the road :) -Amelia Boylan "

Mr. and Mrs. Boylan



Good morning!  I was thinking about you and just wanted to say thank you so much for everything!!  I know you were able to capture all the precious moments from getting ready, to the ceremony, to the celebration and finally ending with the beautiful sunset photos without even seeing the pictures yet!!  


You made me feel very comfortable (like I'd known you for years) and extremely beautiful (like a real-life princess).  You were very professional but yet at the same time so friendly that it made the whole experience FUN!!  Your wonderful easy going attitude and approach helped me stay calm and collected throughout the whole evening.  


We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather after the hurricane and I am sure it helped make wonderful photos. Thank you for taking the time and attention to get all the shots we wanted and I definitely appreciate your customer service throughout our multiple emails and phone calls!    Jekyll Island Club Hotel is lucky to have such a talented professional on their vendor list!!  More importantly... Alex and I were lucky to have you be part of our special day and we can't wait to see the finished product!!  So excited!!


All the Best,

Hayes and Alex Lemons

Hayes and Alex Lemons

Thank you so much for everything on Saturday.  You and Pam where so much fun to work with and I am sure we got some great Shots.  We where so lucky to have had the weather clear up that day, and everything went off with out a single hitch . I can't wait to see the finished product.  I just wanted to drop you a line while I was thinking about it to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you.  You made me feel very comfortable and it felt like I'd know you for years.  You where very professional but friendly and easy going. You showed up exactily on time ( even a bit early!) and made if fun the entire time.  Thank you for taking the time and attention to try to get all the shots we wanted and I defintely appraciate the perfectionist spirt.  Jekyll Island Club Hotel is lucky to have such a talented professional on their vendor list., it's a dream come true to have had you included in our package.  :)

Sincerely, Belen and Justin

Belen and Justin

Dear Kathy,

 What a remarkable set of photographs of my girl's wedding! I was riveted. Not just because it was our event, either.  You captured the mood of every situation. And more you captured the personalities of the people. Reminds me a little of Annie Leibovitz, who makes such a captivating photos of women, revealing their inner beauty and showing them to us and to themselves in a new light.

 And of course, the compositions were perfect. I love , especially , the one of Ms. E. in the mirror, with her father and I, looking on in the corner. You captured the way we see her now, mostly in reflection, because she can be distant and guarded now that she has her own life in NYC.

Did Ms. E. tell you, she studied photography in college?  She makes etchings now, mosley of people with distorted bodies, but the faces are always deeply beautiful. We haven't discussed the photo's of the wedding yet, but I know she is beyond pleased.

 Also , as her mom, I can tell you, as pretty as she is , she struggles with body image and looks in a way that has affected her life since middle school.  She has taken alot of risks in life and gone down some scary paths because of this and other issues with self esteem.  You gave her a priceess gift. The vision of herself as a beautiful , playful, loving , reflective woman.  I think it could change her life.

Amazing Work!

My gratitude, as a mom , and you may know there is none that comes from a deeper place than that!

Ms. D.

Mrs. D


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